You Can Help Us Build A Better Age.

Posted on Jul 6, 2013

We were all students a few years back,

Who wished school was a bit more slack.

We were all curious, we wanted to learn,

But there were those marks we had to earn.

So we did the work and read the notes,

Always looking for antidotes.

To improve on what we had revised,

We made notes that were summarized.

And when it came to the exams,

We all knew it was time to spam.

We got the A's and went our ways,

But never forgot our mugging days.


A few years on we met again,

On weekends, days that kept us sane.

We spoke of school and shared ideas,

Remembering how we spent those years.

So we set out to build owlcove,

A place for learning, a treasure trove.

For knowledge to thrive and students to strive,

We shared those notes we summarized.


But the site is not just about us,

It’s a space to for all to learn share discuss.

A space for thoughts, ideas to meet,

A space for all to share things neat.

And while we worked through day and night,

To build a site we knew was right,

We saw with utmost clarity,

That knowledge always should be free.

Not everything needs to have a price.

Sometimes it just pays to be nice.

Though often true that no one bothers,

You don’t need a reason to help others.


We launched the site near First of May,

Apt how it was on Labour Day.

And in the time that passed since then,

We’ve gained quite a few awesome fans.

Nine hundred registered users and counting,

Not to mention downloads are mounting.

We’ve found some more great study notes,

And published lots of what we wrote.


But amidst all this one thing was missing.

It really keeps us always wishing,

That more would step up to show and share,

To source these sparks we know not where.

And it would make us so much more glad,

If people would speak on things we shared.

And tell us what we could do more,

To help all secure stellar scores.

And you too can play a crucial part,

And show you have a great big heart,

By telling others about owlcove.

And spread the word on this treasure trove.


And one more thing, last but not least,

Is something you could do with ease.

You can help us build a better age,

If you simply liked our facebook page.

-jerrold, 6.15pm

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