Why We Do What We Do

Posted on May 25, 2013

It’s about making a difference because you can. Because when you can do something that not everyone can, then you have the duty to do it. If you can see further, tell others where to go, and if you can run faster, help the rest move along. We’ve always progressed this way.

It’s about helping others because you should. Not for any particular reason because you don’t need a reason to help others. It’s just something you should do. There’s no need to prove it or reason it out. It’s a feeling innate in all of us.

It’s about helping yourself when you help others. Because when the entire community progresses, you do too. You’re part of this community. Even if you don’t, it doesn’t matter because you’ve made the lives of so many others better. And knowledge is not individual but collective. Now, more so than ever, projects, tasks, papers, facts and wisdom is being created on the collective scale by co-operation. Conflict and competition were once the faster ways to individual success, but that is not as obvious now.

It’s about proving yourself and proving to others that it can be done. Because when you have a vision and you build it from scratch by yourself, without the need for any external help, funding, approval or resources, you show others it’s not difficult to reach their goals. You show yourself you can do what you want to do. You show the world what possible means.

Most importantly, it’s about people. The people you work with to create something of value. The people you are trying to help. The people who support you. The people who don’t support you. Those who agree. Those who disagree. The people you inspire. At the heart of all this is the truth that you are trying to drive change, to make a positive dent in the universe and no matter what happens people will come out of this better. People will learn new skills. People will come up with new ideas. People will see it, learn about it, and react to it. People will build their own legacies. A ripple can create a tidal wave.

We made owlcove because we wanted to and we knew we could. Because we believe that it is time for education to change. Because we believe we can change it. Not by ourselves, but by creating and inspiring a community of others to believe it should and can be done. If a few friends with no prior experience and no institutionalised backing could decide to do something good together, and teach themselves the necessary design, programming, and writing skills to achieve their vision, surely someone else can do the same. The tools are all there, and it's up to us to make the most of them.

There is hope, and it lies in the good men who do something.

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