The Owlcove Process – Part Three: The Secret

Posted on Jun 1, 2013

Creating owlcove required close to zero of the content knowledge we acquired from school. Some of us had taken short modules on Photoshop and CSS before, but none of it taught us to do anything good enough for our own expectations, not to mention put online.

An early design of the site logo. For obvious reasons, we decided not to use it.

What we did use, however, were a great deal of the soft skills. Thinking about problems mathematically was one, and so was being able to write in grammatically correct sentences. At the end of the day, though, the most important skill that we used was something that schooling not only taught us, but trained us to do exceptionally well. And that is the secret of how we went from clueless A level grads to self-proclaimed web designers and programmers.

Rather than explain it to you, we decided to show it to you directly.

Well, yea.

Every time we came across a problem we couldn’t solve or something we didn’t understand, this was our answer. And when we say you can find anything on Google…we mean anything and everything. Once we got a little bored of programming and decided to dream a little bigger. So we searched, “How to be an astronaut juggler” and found this video tutorial...

At the end of the day, the answers are all somewhere out there, and it’s up to us to find it. Thanks to search, we are the most knowledge enabled generation of all time. So the next time you come across something you can’t solve by yourself, think about how that problem has probably already been solved by Google.

Posted by Jerrold, 2100hrs.

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