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An Update!

Posted on May 17, 2015

We've been so busy maintaining the site and dedicating our time to upkeeping owlcove's core functions that we didn't notice our second year quietly and coolly passing by. It's been phenomenal.

Our focus has always been on substance over marketing (that helps no one), and if you'd notice new notes and to a smaller extent articles continue to appear on the site.

Recently, a student messaged us on facebook asking if the site was still being updated. That caught me off guard. I'd assumed this was beyond question. Then it occurred to me that a brief look at our blog - not frequently updated because none of us admins are the blogspot/instagram type - may really give someone the impression that we've stopped working on owlcove.

That can't be further from the truth.

-jerrold, 2310 hrs


Minutes After Midnight

Posted on Jun 7, 2013

I feel like a parent.

Some nights I lie in bed unable to sleep. Thinking about so many things. What we could add to the site, what we’re doing right, what we should be doing, what we should stop doing.

Sometimes I get a great idea, and suddenly I’m up at 2am writing down my thoughts and bringing its entire concept into this world. I draw out how it will look, how it’ll tie in with the rest of the features, and, most importantly, how I think it’ll help.

Other times I start forming paragraphs in my head for articles that don’t have titles yet. Stories which haven’t gained enough traction in my mind for me to start writing, but persist nonetheless. And then I’m up again, writing these thoughts down in case I fall asleep and lose them to my dreams.

Some nights I don’t even go to sleep at all, till it’s very very late. I spend my time looking at the stats on our Facebook page, numbers which Google analytics gives me, and the number of views, recommends, and comments our articles get. After a while I refresh the page, as if my doing so would encourage the numbers to jump. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. I feel happy nonetheless, a wanderer amidst this virtual landscape we’ve created.

Sometimes I go on a pilgrimage into the infrastructure of the site. I look at the lines and lines of variables, properties and syntax I’ve come to see as a completely different language. These characters are the building blocks of what we’ve created. The code – in more ways than one.

Mostly I see imperfections and make tweaks to the site which contribute all the more infinitesimally into making it as perfect as I can make it. A typo here, a broken link there. One starfish at a time I throw them back into the sea.

Is this what keeps all parents awake at night? Wondering, worrying, wishing for their children, their creations?  Is it obsession, or is it passion?

-jerrold, 1.24am

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