Seven Months On

Posted on Dec 5, 2013

It's been exactly seven months since we launched owlcove. Wow.

I have to say the journey has been exhilarating. On centre stage, our notes have exceeded 8000 downloads combined. Last week we registered our 2500th user. Zhicong's econs package has, by itself, gotten 1500 downloads. If ever something purely meant for mugging could go viral, I'd bet on that.

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But numbers aren't the star of the show. What matters is helping people, and helping people help other people. We've were very, very happy to receive great contributions from friends, acquaintances and people we've never met before. An ex-teacher of mine has come forward and offered to proofread some of our notes. We've also been very fortunate to have connected with cool people like the ones behind Fiveless and Erpz, who are like us working to improve education. What success we have thus far we owe it to everyone who's helped us and shared about us. 3 people could never make such an impact without more.

And there were all the other amazing things that happen out of spontaneity. Like when our haze meme went slightly viral, or when something I wrote was actually shared far more times than expected. Just last month, we shared owlcove on some forums and the response and kind words we got was hugely encouraging. We've also managed to get interviewed about owlcove, twice! (Second one's not published yet btw)

And believe it or not, we've had hacker issues too (which coincidentally occurred last month). That was pretty exciting, especially for zhicong, as he raced to fight the threat. It turned out that no data was lost and the problem was actually with the main hosting providers. We were still wondering when we became important enough for hackers to target.

So just like that, we've 'weathered' our very first A-levels too. I do hope our efforts did help people own the exams upside down :)

And now that it's over (and my own exams are over too XD), we're gonna be taking everything we've learnt and gained thus far and putting it all into making owlcove way more awesome for the upcoming year. We've got slightly more than a million ideas of things we're gonna build on owlcove, so stay tuned.

Our vision was and has always been to make studying about learning, sharing, discussing and thinking rather than mugging and memorising. I'd say this year has been one small step for us and for owlcove, but its a step towards a collaborative future that we believe is not only possible, but inevitable.

Happy Holidays, and thanks for all the likes :)

(P.S. If there's anything you'd like to see on owlcove, you'd want to tell us immediately :) )

-jerrold, 1200hrs.

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