I am Knowledge

Posted on Jun 17, 2013

I am eternal. I live in hearts and minds. I live in books. I live in Art. I live in museums, diaries, advertisements, experiences and memories. I am ubiquitous and unstoppable. You can create me, but once I live I am almost impossible to destroy. To deny me to is deny logic and to deny the truth.

I am powerful. I've built the past, permitted the present, and I will change the future. I liberate. I am the difference between schooling and education, wanderlust and wisdom. I empower minds and galvanise thoughts. I create.

I am meant to be shared. To the economists, I am unrivalled. Consuming me does not deplete me. I thrive in virality. I am the flame that sets a thousand others ablaze and burns ever brightly.

But I can also be wasted. I can be hidden and concealed. I can become selfish. I can be stolen, abused, manipulated and disfigured. I am a tool that can be used as a weapon. I can be denied from those who deserve me. I cannot be killed, but imprisonment for me is worse than death.

I am Knowledge. I am eternal, I am powerful. I am meant to be shared. I am power. And like all power I am meant to be put

To good use.

-jerrold, 12:33am

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