Frequently Asked Questions

What is owlcove all about?
Owlcove is about learning via sharing and discussing. It's about knowing that working together can make things better for everyone. We all face the same problems, study the same topics, so why not help each other out?
Aren't you afraid that you'll lose out to others?
We've graduated from JC, so no we're not afraid of that. But more importantly, to quote Thomas Jefferson, knowledge is like the flame from a candle. Even as it lights a new candle, the strength of the original flame is not diminished.
Are the notes here under any form of copyright?
They're covered under the Creative Commons BY-SA-NC licence. This means they are completely free for anyone to download and share. You can even edit, remix, and annotate them yourself, as long as you continue to acknowledge the original owner. However, you cannot sell or use commercially these notes nor any derivative works you create.
What about the articles?
The articles on Discuss are under the same licence. This means that you are free to quote, share, adapt, and comment on any article, as long as you acknowledge clearly its original writer and don't use it for commercial purposes.
Who owns the notes and articles?
All notes and articles found on owlcove belong solely to their original creators. This means that when you upload something, it's still 100% yours, although we'll modify it a little bit to make it more ready for the world wide web.
Can I submit something too?
Anyone can contribute to owlcove. Simply use the share page to upload your notes, or, if you're interested in writing with us, drop us an email at [email protected] For now, we're being really careful about the content we publish because we're just starting out, so we'd have to screen through your uploads first. Sorry about that!
I want to share something but I'm not sure if I'd be infringing on any rights.
Don't worry. Since you're not using these notes for any commercial gain, people generally won't find fault with you. Also, you can't copyright facts and ideas, Only the expression of it is copyrighted. So if you're notes say things like "the earth is round", that's not going to infringe on any rights. That said, if your notes includes pictures and content quoted in chunks from other sources, you should acknowledge all of them.
What happens when I upload a file?
When you submit a file, we're notified instantly. We'll look through it briefly, just to make sure nothing's wrong, before converting them to pdfs and placing a watermark with your name, the appropriate copyright protection for you, and the site's . After that, it goes straight to the library!
Why can't I upload "insert filetype here" files?
We've limited the file types we accept to prevent malicious content from being uploaded into the servers. All appropriate file extensions such as .doc, .ppt and .pdf are still accepted, though. Should you feel that we've missed out on an important file type, please let us know.
Why can't I upload my 11 MB file?
We've imposed a file size limit of 10 MB to reduce undue load on our servers and make things faster for everyone. We set the limit at 10 MB because we know that notes usually don't exceed this size. If you have any notes that you want to upload and that you can't make any smaller, you can email it to us at [email protected] and we'll put it in the library for you.
Can I upload all my files at one time?
Yes! Thanks for sharing! So that you don't need to do it one by one via Share, we'll help you do the uploading. Simply compile all the things you want to share into a .rar or .zip folder and email it to us here. Please include in your email all the information you want us to specify for you – such as file title, description, subjects and topics.
Why can't I delete a board?
For now, we're still working on this feature, so we haven't managed to implement that function yet. If you really want, you could email us and we'll do it manually for you!
There's something here that infringes on my copyright!
Tell us immediately via the contact us page, and we'll look into it. We promise to take it down immediately if it's really not supposed to be there.
Why can't I find the answers I need here?
Oops, sorry! As owlcove is still new, we haven't managed to foresee all the potential FAQs that we need to answer. If you have any questions for us, please contact us directly.