Owlcove is a free, non-commercial project that helps people learn at their own pace, share knowledge, and discuss ideas. We believe education can be so much more, and we're trying to make it better.

Here, you can:

Learn from summarised notes shared by others,

Share your own materials with others on the site,

Discuss questions, thoughts and answers on topics and issues you're interested in,

or Think about great ideas and concepts raised by our user-contributed articles.

The site was created and is run entirely by us from the sunny island of Singapore. We’re not a company. We’re friends.


Jerrold designed the site and the images. He writes the stuff you see on the website. He’s also quite dashing and an all round great guy. Yes, I wrote this.

Enjoys: Design and thinking.


Zhicong re-discovered his love for programming for owlcove. He coded almost everything here, and is probably the only computer geek around who's also a street dancer.

Enjoys: Coding and b-boying.


Jowen is the newest owl in the cove. He aspires to reach out and help more students.

Enjoys: Social entrepreneurship and learning Thai.


Zhaofeng writes great articles on Think. He also helps to suggest improvements to the site. In his free time, he watches the NBA and plays RTS games.

Enjoys: Writing and basketball.

Currently, owlcove is in its developing stages and we are still working on new features and improvements. Feel free to contact us if you have any feedback. All suggestions are welcome.

You can also help us by sharing your own materials, writing reviews on others’ notes, or simply telling your friends about owlcove. And if you wish to do more, we'd love to speak with you. Contact us directly and we'll see how we can work together :)

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